Patience is Key!

Patience is Key:


This past week has been more than hectic: but then again I have learned to expect nothing less from the wonderful world of Student Activities. It seems as if every day there are millions of lessons to be learned, skills to be discovered, and solutions to be found. The greatest obstacle for me this week was learning how to be patient. Everyone knows that every individual is just that: an individual. This means we all have different ways of thinking, operating, and problem-solving. The greatest challenge is to not only learn who I am as a person and how I function within my work environment but how to handle stressful situations with different people. When something or someone is making you feel uncomfortable or adding to the pile of stress you have to and I had to learn how to take a deep breath, handle the situation appropriately, give directions in a polite and professional manner, all while trying to keep my sanity. In the end we as people in general are going to constantly run into people who are nothing like ourselves and do things completely different. When you ask a person to complete something or ask for a favor their way of handling this could in fact and usually is not how you and/or I would handle it or they may not necessarily move as fast as we think they should. However, it is imperative to think of the situation from the others perspective and handle it in a proper manner. I have realized there is no way I can finish all of my tasks in one day, people are going to do things differently, and accept different personalities. Rome was not built in one day…so in other words: patience is key and this lesson has been learned!


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